The world-wise explorers of the Navigator’s Guild are ready to join the action on the pitch with the Guild Ball Launch Pack—The Navigator’s Guild, which Steamforged Games will release on August 3.

The Navigator’s Guild uses the tricks they have learned travelling the world to introduce their own style of play, marked by high speed and elusive players.  The Launch Pack gives participating retailers a way to introduce this new group to fans of Guild Ball, featuring a new scenario played on a flooded field that has a number of waterspouts waiting to erupt and interfere with players’ careful plans.

The Guild Ball Launch Pack—The Navigator’s Guild includes the Tales of the New World Launch Party Guide, 2 double-sided posters with sign-up sheets, 20 flyers, 20 invitation cards, 10 double-sided Coach Record Sheets with team construction rules, 1 limited edition alternate sculpt Siren model, 1 limited edition alternate sculpt Angel model, 8 limited edition Navigator player cards, 8 limited edition Navigator’s Buoy balls, 16 30mm Waterspout tokens, and 1 Thank You Voucher for the event organizer.  The materials in the Launch Pack are not for resale, and are offered without the normal retailer discount.  MSRP is $30.00 per pack.

Steamforged is in the process of transitioning production away from metal miniatures for the Guild Ball line in favor of plastic, a process that is expected to take two years (see "Steamforged Ditches Metal").