WizKids  will release a new Marvel HeroClix set based on the characters from the Earth X (Earth-9997) storyline, created by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger for Marvel Comics, in February 2019.

The releases will include a Starter Set, Booster Brick, Dice and Token Pack and Release Day OP Kit. Earth X was a dystopian universe where everyone had superpowers thanks to the release of the Terrigen Mists.  It showed how superheroes (Inhumans, Asgardians, and the Avengers) would cope with everyone else suddenly having powers.

The Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Starter Set will include three heroes and three villains from the world of Earth X, as well as a double-sided map, a powers and abilities card, object tokens, terrain tokens, dice, character cards and a rulebook.  MSRP is $24.99.

The Earth X Booster Brick will include never-before-Clixed characters and highly recognizable ones, including Spiders-Man, Venom (May Parker), Fancy Dan, The Skull, King Britain, Stegron, Clea Sorcerer Supreme, Mattie Franklin, and Mister Negative.  The set includes 16 Commons (plus 1 Prime), 16 Uncommons (plus 1 Prime), 16 Rares (plus 1 Prime), 12 Super Rares (plus 1 Prime), 6 Chases, 1 Ultra Chase, and 6 Equipment Objects (included with select figures in 5-Figure Boosters).

The Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Dice and Token Pack includes two custom dice with a special icon for the set and 6 action tokens.  MSRP is $9.99.

The Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Release Day OP Kit is available to retailers for promotional events and is marked “Not for Resale.”  The kit contains 3 copies of one limited edition HeroClix Figure with Character card, 5 double-sided 24” x 36” maps, and an instruction sheet.  No retail store location may order more than 3 Release Day OP Kits total, and kits are available only while supplies last.