Looney Labs announced plans to release Star Trek: Fluxx and Star Trek: TNG Fluxx earlier this year (see “Two 'Star Trek' Fluxx Games in the Works”), now the company has added a new expansion that will release with the base games on August 2, as well as upgrades and expansion for several other popular titles.

Star Trek Fluxx will be based on content from the original series, with crew members Kirk, Spock, and McCoy taking on Creepers like Klingons, Romulans and the Doomsday Machine. MSRP is $20.00.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx includes content based on the voyages of the Enterprise-D. Picard, Riker and Data will be facing down Creepers including Q and the Borg. Important touchstones from the series, like Darmok, and the Rules of Acquisition, will also play a role in this 24th Century update. MSRP is $20.00.

The Star Trek Fluxx Bridge Expansion is a foil pack that allows players to warp time and space and combine both Star Trek Fluxx games into one. The 12 cards allow players to take control of either Enterprise, and infuse the game with new Goals like Kirk meeting Picard, Spock meeting Data, and the Past meeting the Future. MSRP is $5.00.

Since everything is better with an upgrade or expansion, Looney Labs is also releasing five other $5.00 foil packs on August 2:

  • Firefly Fluxx Upgrade Pack – 10 card pack includes Yolanda (aka Saffron, aka Bridgett), Jubal Early, upgraded Reavers, and Hands of Blue (see “Updated Details, Promo Card for 'Firefly Fluxx'”)
  • Black Knight Expansion – a 10 card pack with the Black Knight as a Creeper, also Tim the Enchanter, new rules and a new Quest (see “'Monty Python Fluxx' Special”)
  • Fluxx Creeper Pack – Fluxx 4.0 introduced Creepers to the basic game, but 5.0 dropped them. Now War, Death, Taxes, and Radioactive Potato can return to the game with Goals, Actions and New Rules
  • Zendo Rules Expansion #1 – The base set comes with 40 rule cards which can generate over 200 rules, but now there are more. The 10-card set includes one “easy”, 4 “medium” and 5 “difficult” secret rules which generate 45 different rules (see “'Zendo' Returns”)
  • Nanofictionary Blanks -the game of tiny stories is now customizable with the addition of these simple, black and white line drawing illustrated cards. Creative storytellers just need a permanent marker!

See promotional images for all expansions in the gallery below!