Fantagraphics Books is celebrating the influence of the man who published Famous Monsters of Filmland, Creepy, and Eerie just in time for Halloween.  James Warren, Empire of Monsters: The Man Behind Creepy, Vampirella, and Famous Monsters is a 272-page hardcover from Bill Schelly (Harvey Kurtzman, The Man Who Created Mad and Revolutionized Humor in America) that will be in stores on October 16 for an MSRP of $29.99.

James Warren, Empire of Monsters collects anecdotes about Warren, whose publications have had a lasting impact on pop culture.  Famous Monsters of Filmland influenced the work of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Joe Dante, and other filmmakers.  Warren also pulished Harvey Kurtman’s satirical magazine Help!, which included work from Gloria Steinem, Terry Gilliam, Robert Crumb, and Diane Arbus.  Warren also co-created enduring femme fatale Vampirella (see "Preview: 'Hack/Slash Vs. Vampirella: The Heart Is a Lonely Killer' TP") with Forrest J. Ackerman in 1969.