Two of the most in-demand game designers, Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy) and Eric M. Lang (Rising Sun) are joining forces with CMON to produce Cthulhu:  Death May Die, a cooperative board game of Lovecraftian horror, scheduled to release in April of 2020.

In Cthulhu:  Death May Die, the players must work together to thwart the efforts of a cult that seeks to summon one of the Elder Ones into our world.  But just facing those unthinkable beings is enough to drive an investigator mad, so each character begins the game with their own insanity, which will affect how they interact with the monsters and cultists they are fighting.

The game is fully cooperative, with the villains and monsters controlled through a card-driven “AI” instead of using an “overlord” player.  It is scenario driven, and the boxed set will include two Elder Ones, Cthulhu himself and the “King in Yellow,” Hastur, as well as six “episode boxes” that can be combined with either Elder One to create a scenario.  Each episode has a map setup and villains unique to that story, as well as unique abilities and options for the investigators to call upon.

{IMAGE_3}The game includes 45 unpainted plastic miniatures, 17 modular board tiles, 30 plastic tentacle tokens, 8 custom dice, 5 counter bases, 10 investigator boards, 186 cards, and 120 tokens.  It is intended for 1 to 5 players.

Click on the gallery below for a preview of some of the game components.

CMON is funding the production of the game through a Kickstarter campaign which easily zipped past its $200,000 goal in a mere 14 minutes, with 14 days still remaining.  Retailers who are members of the CMON Play program may reserve copies of the game, along with all applicable stretch goals, with a $100 deposit.  They will also be eligible to order the Kickstarter Exclusive R’lyeh Rising expansion set.

CMON recently ran a shortened “flash campaign” to fund the latest expansion for Arcadia Quest, scheduled to release in July (see “CMON Mounts Up for New ‘Arcadia Quest’ Expansion”).