Warner Brothers has announced release dates for two high profile films based on DC Comics characters, Catwoman and ConstantineCatwoman, which stars Halle Berry, will open on July 30, 2004.  The end of the 2004 summer season should witness some interesting competition among comic-based films.  Marvel's Blade 3 opens just a week or two after Catwoman, and Man-Thing, another Marvel-based film, debuts on August 26.  The new film based on Gerry Anderson's stop motion TV series, Thunderbirds, is currently scheduled to open on August 6.

Constantine, which is based on the DC Vertigo title Hellblazer, opens just after the end of the summer movie season on September 17.  Keanu Reeves stars in this occult thriller, which targets an older audience than the summer comic-based film fare.  While the Catwoman and Constantine films represent an opening salvo from Warner Brothers and DC, we will have to wait until 2005 for DC's big guns (Batman & Superman) to open up.