The tabletop games category had a robust first half of 2018 on Kickstarter, according to a new analysis released by ICO Partners, with dollars raised growing 14% over the first half of 2017 to nearly $80 million.  And the importance of tabletop games to Kickstarter also grew to 30% of dollars raised, up from 23% of the total for all of 2017, according to the report.

The number of projects funded dropped from the second half of 2017, but at 1048 funded projects was still the second highest number of projects funded in a six-month period.  The number of failed projects dropped even faster than the number of funded projects, bringing the odds of success for tabletop games to the highest ratio ever:  nearly 2/3 of tabletop games projects on Kickstarter are funded, according to the report.

The first half numbers continue trends from another great year for Kickstarter in 2017, when the crowdfunding platform was the fastest growing sales channel for tabletop games (see "Hobby Games Top $1.5 Billion"), raising $137 million for the year (see "In-Depth Kickstarter Study Finds Healthy Games Category").