Something big is coming to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Armada in Q1 next year: the Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack offers the largest model for the game to date.

Modeled after the flagship Executor from the original movie trilogy, the Super Star Destroyer measures more than 24 inches from stem to stern.  The expansion includes one pre-painted model of the ship, which is designed to give the Imperial navy a massive boost in firepower.

The model is so large that it requires two large ship bases to support it.  As the first in the new class of huge ships, the Super Star Destroyer introduces some new rules to the game, including the ability to pass during a turn to delay the big ship’s activation and new benefits for using the ship’s command dials.  The ship also features six different firing arcs, and can fire weapons from three of those arcs every round.

In addition to the model itself, the expansion also includes all of the cards, tokens, and dials needed to use the enormous ship in the game, with four different ship sheets and 24 upgrade cards, featuring iconic characters like Admiral Piett and Emperor Palpatine.  MSRP is $199.95.

Last year, Fantasy Flight offered a pair of comparatively small capital ships featuring some famous admirals from the Star Wars universe (see “Two Powerful Admirals Join ‘Star Wars:  Armada’”).