Dust USA will add a new Bloc, the Japanese Imperial Navy, to its flagship Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947 this Fall.  This will be the fifth Bloc for the game, joining Allies, SSU, Axis, and Mythos.

In November, five SKUs will be released for the new Bloc, Dust USA Manager Gregoire Boisebelaud told us at Gen Con.  The core product will be a Starter Set, which will include a unit, a hero, a worker, the mats, dice, and everything needed to start playing.  It will retail for $65 primed and $135 premium (painted).

Two units will also be offered:  Navy Cadets, an assault squad; and Ninjas, which will be included in the Starter Set and also released separately “so that you can enhance your army right away,” Boisebelaud said.

An independent worker that’s bigger than the one included in the Starter Set, with different weapons options, will also be released.

Click Gallery below for full-size images of the Japanese Imperial Navy minis!