Papercutz will launch The Only Living Girl, a new five-volume graphic novel series flowing out of the successful five-volume The Only Living Boy series by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the company announced.  The new series, launching in March, will follow the adventures of Zandra "Zee" Parfitt and classmates Erik Farrell and mermaid warrior Morgan, all characters in the original series.

Papercutz began promoting the new series along with an August social media campaign for the omnibus collection of all five volumes of The Only Living Boy, which included the cover review for the first volume of the new series.

In the first volume of the new series, Zee and her companions, some of the few survivors of a cosmic disaster that merged hundreds of planets into the patchwork wasteland of Chimerika, embark on a quest encountering robots, monsters, unknown civilizations and unlikely allies.

The Only Living Boy launched in March 2016 (see "'The Only Living Boy' Comes to Print") and the fifth volume shipped in August 2017 (see "'Preview: The Only Living Boy Vol. 5'").