Renegade Game Studios will release the interdimensional monster-smacking game Slap It! in January.

Designed by Kane Klenko (FUSE, Flip Ships) and art by Mr. Cuddington studio (Brass: Lancashire, Santorini, Charterstone), Slap It! has players competing to find the correct monsters, among the hordes that have stumbled through a portal from another dimension.  Rice are rolled to determine which monster card players must try to slap first. But the dice keep changing the rules, so players must be quick and alert to slap down the correct monsters. The player who collects the most monsters wins.

The game comes with a double-sided portal tile, 2 large dice (1 monster die, 1 direction die), 20 monster cards, and a rulebook. The game si for 2 – 8 players, ages 7 and up, and plays in 5 – 10 minutes. MSRP is $15.00.