Valiant Entertainment is celebrating the release of its Bloodshot Rising Spirit series will a promotional first aid kit exclusive to comic retailers.

The Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Prevention Kit is designed to protect comic shop employees from the dangers of handling sensitive nanite technology as well as paper-cut-inducing comics. The kit comes in a red plastic case with custom label and includes:

  • Hand-cleansing Wipes
  • Gauze Pads
  • Pain-Relief Ointment
  • Itch-Stopping Cream
  • Acetaminophen Caplets
  • Instant Cold Pack
  • Adhesive Bandages in Assorted Sizes
  • Examination Gloves
  • A Comprehensive First-Aid Guide

The kit also includes a Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Safety Guide fold-out poster written by Daniel Kibblesmith and illustrated by Jeff Pina.

The free kits are available in limited quantity and will ship mid-September. Retailers should contact the Valiant sales department to request one.

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 will release on November 14.