In the company’s annual report (see "Games Workshop Trade Sales Up 54% in North America"), Games Workshop CEO Kevin Rountree described two new initiatives for the company which he said would help introduce people to Warhammer.

The first is a blind-pack line that was introduced in 250 stores in Japan last year: Space Marine Heroes.  The global launch will happen this fall in conjunction with the release of Series 2 in Japan.  The blind-packs contain push-off-the-frame, push-fit miniatures, each depicting a Space Marine from a Tactical Squad with a unique slant.

The second is Warhammer Conquest, a subscription product for which the company has begun taking orders.  Shipping four issues a month, each issue comes with a selection of minis, scenery, paints, or brushes, plus a magazine with assembly and painting guides and background material for Warhammer 40,000.  Rountree noted that the company had learned a lot with an earlier "partworks" product, Battle Games in Middle-Earth back in 2002, and that “some of those lessons were painful!”  This new product is "another go" at the concept, Rountree said.

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