Games Workshop opened its 500th retail store last weekend in Hong Kong, the company announced.  This marks a milestone in the growth of its direct-to-consumer channel, and the company is running a promotion to support that growth in all 500 of its Warhammer World and Games Workshop stores, offering two limited edition exclusive miniatures that will be available only in company-owned stores and only on Saturday, October 20:  the Primaris Lieutenant with Stalker Bolt Rifle for the Warhammer 40,000 line and Garkorr, Bladegheist Revenant for the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar line.

Games Workshop’s network of retail outlets has been an important part of its growth in recent years, having added 23 new stores over the past year in North America alone while enjoying a 33% increase in sales at company-owned stores (see "Games Workshop Trade Sales Up 54% in North America").  As of mid-year, the company was operating 134 stores in North America.

Click Gallery below for full size images of the store-exclusive figures!