Stronghold Games will release Vital Lacerda’s CO2: Second Chance in November.

Lacerda is the designer of The Gallerist, Lisboa, Vinhos and Kanban: Driver’s Edition. CO2 was originally published in 2012, with CO2: Second Chance, the new edition, being funded by a Kickstarter in February that raised more than $200,000. In the game, players are CEOs of energy companies responding to government request for new, green power plants. The goal is to meet the demand for energy while stopping the increase in pollution. Players must use their expertise, money, and resources to build clean power plants and meet the environmental goals of the UN.

The new re-designed edition includes new iconography, more balanced gameplay, a new events deck, improved / streamlined mechanisms, upgraded wooden components, and a new rulebook with 3D pictures. It also includes a cooperative mode of play, and solo play options.

The box includes 1 double-sided gameboard, 4 player boards, 4 player aids, 32 infrastructure tokens, 25 power plants, 16 scientists, 1 decade marker, 1 operations marker, 1 CO2 level markers, 1 CEP market price marker, 4 action markers, 1 team score marker, 1 starting player token, 1 co-op token, 20 control markers, 36 knowledge markers, 30 tech cubes, 32 control cubes, 50 cep tokens, 50 currency tiles, 25 projects tiles, 30 fossil fuel power plants tiles, 8 regional agenda tiles, 18 energy summit tiles, 47 environmental goal tiles, 7 event tiles, 36 lobbyist cards, 45 U.N. goal cards, 16 co-op goal cards, 10 company goal cards, 2 configuration cards, 12 solo game cards, and a rulebook. The game is for 1 – 4 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60 – 120 minutes. MSRP is $89.95.

According to Stronghold’s sales information, this game will be limited to one print run.