Upper Deck will produce trading cards and trading card games based on the James Bond movies under a new license from EON Productions, the companies announced.  The first products under the new license will be a set of trading cards, planned for early 2019, and a Legendary Deckbuilding Game release in Summer 2019.  Upper Deck will also release trading cards on the Upper Deck e-Pack trading card platform.

In the Legendary release, players will relive movie moments and work together to recruit their favorite characters while battling the schemes of the 007 villains. 

“James Bond is one of the most iconic characters in the history of entertainment,” Upper Deck President Jason Masherah declared in announcing the license. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a new and unique line of James Bond trading cards and trading card games to fans around the world.”

The company released four trading card images: 

  • Onatopp Autograph Insert Card (also above)
  • Bond Vs. Villains
  • Live and Let Die Foil Parallel
  • Dr. No

Click Gallery below for all four trading card images!