The cooperative crime procedural board game Chronicles of Crime will get a film noir-style twist in the upcoming Chronicles of Crime: Noir expansion set, which Lucky Duck Games will release on January 25.

The Noir expansion modifies the setup for Chronicles of Crime by having all of the players collectively control the actions of one single character, a private detective who would be at home in a black-and-white era crime film.  The Forensic Contact cards from the base game have been replaced by new action cards that players can play at any time to have the detective perform certain actions, including spying, breaking into a location, bribing officials, or intimidating witnesses.  But players must be careful though, as intimidating some people can have unexpected consequences, and funds for bribery are limited and must be used wisely.

The new expansion was created by Stephane Anqetuil (a contributor to the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective series).  MSRP is $24.99.

The app-driven Chronicles of Crime was released earlier this year (see “VR Meets Board Game in ‘Chronicles of Crime’”).