Steamforged Games’ Resident Evil 2:  The Board Game will release on January 25, joined by The B-Files Expansion and Extra Dice Pack.  The second expansion, Survival Horror, will follow on February 15.

Originally announced in 2017 (see "The Tabletop Takeover of Raccoon City is Nigh"), Resident Evil 2:  The Board Game is a fully cooperative survival horror board game based on the popular CAPCOM video game of the same name, in which players must work together to survive the hazards of Raccoon City after a zombie outbreak.

The final component list for the base game includes 24 plastic miniatures, 26 double-sided game board tiles, 155 cards, 4 player boards, 11 tracker dials, 6 dice, 84 tokens, and a scenario book.  MSRP is $115.00.

Two supporting products will release at the same time as the base game:

The B-Files Expansion offers up a half dozen additional scenarios for the game, with new areas to explore and new enemies to fight, including the T-00 and T-103 Tyrants.  The expansion has 12 new plastic miniatures, 7 more board tiles, 61 cards, 17 tokens, and a scenario book.  MSRP is $50.00.

As an add-on accessory, the Resident Evil 2:  The Board Game Extra Dice Pack has a complete set of dice for use with the game.  MSRP is $10.00.

The Survival Horror Expansion will release about a month after the launch of the line.  This set adds a player-versus-player mode to the game, allowing players to control the survivors or the monsters, along with two pvp scenarios.  Seven new survivor characters, three new mini-bosses, and three new enemy types are also included.  MSRP is $50.00.

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In September, Steamforged announced plans to adapt another video game for the tabletop with the development of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game (see "Steamforged Brings ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ to Tabletop").