Dynamite Entertainment will release four one-shot comics which bring popular Dynamite characters into the world of Paizo’s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in March. These comics will coincide with the release of the first resin statue depicting Seoni, a popular hero in the Pathfinder universe.

The four Pathfinder: Worldscape one-shots were previously exclusive to Kickstarter. Each depicts Dynamite flagship characters crossing into the Pathfinder universe. All four feature covers by Roberto Castro.

Pathfinder: Worldscape - Vampirella is written by Erik Mona with interior art by Chris Campana and Kendal Gates. Vampi and Pendragon suddenly end up on a fragment of a destroyed planet where they run into Pathfinders Seoni and Seltyiel.

Pathfinder: Worldscape – Deja Thoris is written by Christopher Paul Carey with interior art by Roberto Castro. Dejah and Tars Tarkas are investigating a cap in John Carter’s memory when they are suddenly pushed across dimensions into a war between the Council of Jungle Kings and a Technic League captain.

Pathfinder: Worldscape – Sword of Sorrow is written by Erik Mona with interior art by Diego Galindo. The immortal witch ‘The Traveler’ watches as Vampirella and Deja Thoris are drawn into the dimentinal cage of the Worldscape. Before long, Red Sonja will arrive.

Pathfinder: Worldscape - Reanimator is written by Erik Mona and drawn by Matt Gaudio. Herbert West is transported to Shareen’s arena where he is surrounded by corpses of a White Martian army.

See all four covers in the gallery below!

The limited-edition Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Seoni resin statue depicts the powerful Varisian spellcaster in multiple variants(Spellcasting, Battle Ready, Diamond Eye), all standing approximately a foot tall.  MSRPs were not announced.