The company formerly known as Wizard World, Inc. has changed its company name to Wizard Entertainment, Inc.

The pop culture event company legally changed its name to Wizard World, Inc. on October 5, effective as of October 1, 2018, according to an amendment filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware.  The decision had previously been approved by the company’s Board of Directors, and did not require approval of the company’s stockholders.

“Wizard Entertainment is a name that more appropriately captures the breadth of initiatives we are planning as we head into 2019,” John D. Maatta, Wizard Entertainment CEO, said in an announcement.  “In addition to our successful live events across North America, the name reflects our additional opportunities in other regions such as China, location-based entertainment initiatives, and participation in strategic M&A (mergers and acquisitions) opportunities."

The company’s first convention of 2019 will be Wizard World New Orleans, January 4 – 6.  The current stylized "W" logo will remain the same.

Q3 was not good for Wizard, showing a loss of $448,000 (see “Balance Sheet Weakens, Losses Mount at Wizard”).  As ICv2 noted in that article, “Converting some debt to equity would improve the balance sheet,” and coincidentally or not, Wizard Entertainment recently issued 5.1 M shares of non-interest bearing convertible preferred stock to two persons in exchange for the cancellation of $709,581.51 in fees owed by the company, Market Screener reported.