Amazon will be leasing and operating more Boeing 767 freight jets for 2019 and 2020, eventually increasing its air fleet by 30 percent.

Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (ATSG), a provider of cargo aircraft leasing, transportation, and related serviced announced agreements to lease and operate 10 additional Boeing 767s for Services Inc.  The deal also extends leases for twenty 767 aircraft it currently provides to Amazon, as well as extending the operating agreement through which ATSG’s airlines operate in the Amazon Air network through March 2026.  Five of the Boeing 767-300 freighters will be added in 2019, and five in 2020.

Additionally, the new and amended arrangements will see Amazon granted warrant rights, if exercised, will further expand Amazon’s potential equity stake in ATSG.  There are also warrant incentives for Amazon to expand its leasing with ATSG for up to 17 additional aircraft (separate from the 10 leases currently added and the 20 already in service.)

Amazon has been working with ATSG since 2015 to expand its own air cargo capacity (see "Amazon Acquiring Air Fleet").

"Our customers love massive selection and fast delivery, and the Amazon Air capacity we are building enables Prime delivery speeds for customers from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida," said Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon.  "By expanding the Amazon Air network through our partnership with ATSG we’re able to ensure we have the capacity to quickly and efficiently deliver packages to customers for years to come."