Corvus Belli will release several units for its Infinity tabletop miniatures game on February 22.

The Haqqislam Army will release Khawarijs – “Red Tubans”, a four miniatures unit that includes one Khawarij with Boarding Shotgun, one Khawarij with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Khawarij with Mk12 and Multispectral Visor L2 and one Khawarij with Spitfire.

Aleph will add Yadu Troops, the elite shock unit of the SSS. The box includes four miniatures : one Yadu with HMG, one Yadu with Heavy Rocket Launcher and Submachine Gun, one Yadu Hacker with Boarding Shotgun and one Yadu with Combi Rifle and E/Marat.

The Panoceania Army will add the Echo-Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit (Paramedic). The blister includes two miniatures – a Echo-Bravo Paramedic and a WildParrot. The medic includes an Airborne Infiltration Special Skill which will have the Specialist spreading chaos among enemy lines.

The Yu Jing Army will add the Daoying Operative Control Unit (Hacker), which can maximize performance of any troop under their command. Invincible Army Yu Jing added a starter pack to the game  in January (see “New 'Infinity' Starter Features Yu Jing Sectorial”).

The NA2 Army will add Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative (Boarding Shotgun). This mercenary can be added to any ITS army or StarCo force. His Combat Jump Special Skill and Boarding Shotgun are an impressive addition to the battlefield.

See images of all miniatures in the gallery below.