Marvel is resurrecting the Marvel Team-Up series, with Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man kicking off the new line. The first arc in the series is written by Eve Ewing (Ironheart) and drawn by Joey Vazquez (Spider-Geddon). Stefano Caselli provides the main cover for Marvel Team-Up #1, with variants by Paco Medina and Todd Nauck. The issue is on sale in April.

Marvel Team-Up #1 brings together Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man after a science demonstration at Empire State University goes awry.

The first Marvel Team-Up series ran from 1972 to 1985, with Spider-Man co-starring in nearly all of the original 150 issues. The original run has been collected into a series of Marvel Masterworks hardcovers (see “Top 500 Graphic Novels--May 2018”), the fourth of which hit shelves early this month. Marvel Team-Up has been resurrected for brief periods in the intervening years, most recently in the 25-issue Robert Kirkman run that kicked off in early 2005 (see “Invincible & Spider-Man in MTU #14”).

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