Bandai has released details about the Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansions releasing in August.

The Series 7 sets for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will be the first part of a new block for the game, which will extend through Series 8 and Series 9 with a new theme and new gameplay elements.  Bandai plans to release new booster sets quarterly starting in August in an effort to improve predictability and maintain player interest.

Series 7 will include:

Starter Deck 09, with 51 cards, including 5 exclusive foils, a play manual, and a playsheet for an MSRP of $11.99.

Expert Deck 01, a new product format for the game, which comes with 51 cards, including 10 exclusive cards and 6 foils, a play manual, a playsheet, and a Series 7 booster pack for $15.99 MSRP.

Booster Pack – Series 7, including a total of 235 cards with the following rarities:  60 common, 30 uncommon, 18 rare, 16 super rare, 2 secret rare, 10 special rare, 5 campaign rare, and 4 signature cards.  The cards will be packaged in 12-card booster packs with an MSRP of $3.99 each, sold in 24-pack display boxes.

Campaign rare is a new type of card added to the game in this set that is designed to reward players who build their decks around a theme.  Signature cards will feature autographs from the Dragon Ball voice cast.

The releases will also be supported by pre-release sets and events available exclusively to brick and mortar stores who are part of Bandai’s BCC program.  For the pre-release, a special Series 7 Pre-Release Set will be offered, with 6 Series 7 booster packs and 2 pre-release promo packs in a special box.  MSRP is $23.99.

In June, Bandai will celebrate the game’s second year with a Special Anniversary Set (see “Bandai Offers Valuable Anniversary Box for ‘Dragon Ball Super’”).