Dark Horse Comics announced that Matt Wagner (Grendel, Mage) will return to Dark Horse for Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey, an 8-issue miniseries, which will debut on October 2, 2019.  This will be the first standalone Grendel series from Dark Horse since Behold the Devil, which was published in 2007 marking the 25th anniversary of the character who first appeared in Comico Primer #2 in 1982, though Devil’s Odyssey will feature Grendel Prime, the massive cyborg Paladin introduced in Grendel: War Child in 1992.

The Grendel Prime stories are set in the far future.  In Grendel: A Devil’s Odyssey civilization on Earth is ending and the last Grendel Khan gives Grendel Prime a new mission--finding a new home for the human race.

Wagner is both writing and drawing Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey, and he will also produce the standard issue covers.  Fabio Moon has created a variant cover for Devil’s Odyssey #1, and subsequent issues will also have variants.