We visited the Konami booth at GAMA Trade Show, where the company was announcing the Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game expansion Battles of Legend:  Hero’s Revenge and showing off the first look at Rising Rampage, an upcoming core booster set just announced in Japan.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG: Rising Rampage is the first core booster set of the 2019-2020 competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! season, Konami’s Jerome McHale explained to ICv2.  Just announced in Japan, there’s limited information available, McHale said, but it’s known that the set will include a new witchcraft card to play with the ones from Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG - The Infinity Chasers, releasing this week (see "’Yu-GI-Oh! TCG – The Infinity Chasers’"). [Note - the info in the previous sentence was corrected from "new witchcraft cards" to "a new witchcraft card" by Konami, who also revealed that the set will include 100 new cards -- ed., March 20, 2019.] Street date in the U.S. is July 26.

Battles of Legend:  Hero’s Revenge, due out July 12, draws its inspiration from previous Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga series.  The set will feature cards formerly available only to tournament winners such as Number 93:  Utopia Kaiser, new Vision HERO cards drawn from the Yu-Gi-Oh!  GX manga like Vision HERO Vyon, new Link Monsters, and foil versions of popular tournament cards like Borrelsword Dragon and Dinowrestler Pankratops.

All 93 cards in the set will be either Ultra Rare or Secret Rare and will feature a foil treatment.  The cards will be sold in five-card packs, each with four Ultra Rares and one Secret Rare. While the set size is reduced from 105 to 93 cards, it will be more "content-rich," McHale said, with a higher density of quality cards.