Steamforged Games Ltd. has announced Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, a new miniatures based board game based on the popular Devil May Cry franchise from CAPCOM. This makes the second time Steamforged Games has developed a game from of a CAPCOM property following its Resident Evil 2: The Board Game release (see “The Tabletop Takeover of Raccoon City is Nigh”).

Based on Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace pits players against waves of enemies over the course of four rounds. Players move around the hexagonal board, killing demons and trying to pull off the best combo for style points. The game features four playable characters, Dante, Nero, Trish and V.

Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace is scheduled to launch as a Kickstarter in Spring 2019, with release in 2020. MSRP has not been announced.

Click the Gallery below for a look at the miniatures and other game components.