Three sets of operatives from Uber Corp International will be released in August for Privateer Press’ giant monster combat game MonsterpocalypseCyber Khan, the Carnitrons and Robo Brontox Unit set, and the Shinobots, Shinobot Gunner, and UCI Jet Unit set.

Uber Corp is ready for a merger with other Destroyer faction forces, lead by the robotic menace Cyber Khan, inspired by Terra Khan himself.  This monstrous machine grants UCI forces a bonus when attacking buildings while using its High Mobility and Rapid Fire modes to eliminate potential competitors.  This combination metal and resin kit is MSRP $27.99.

Fresh from the Automated Dinosauriformes Division, the Carnitrons and Robo Brontox are semi-autonomous combat vehicles that fulfill a variety of battlefield roles, from close combat to signal jamming and troop coordination.  This combination metal/resin kit comes with 3 regular Carnitrons, 1 elite Carnitron, and 1 Robo Brontox.  MSRP is $27.99.

Rounding out Uber Corp’s trio of new releases is the Shinobots, Shinobot Gunner, and UCI Jet Unit, which features a set of three Shinobot infiltrators (2 regular and 1 elite), plus a missile-equipped Shinobot gunner, and one Uber Jet to provide tactical air support.  A combination metal/resin kit, its MSRP is $27.99.

Click on the gallery below for images of the new models.

Summer will also see the emergence of the new Empire of the Apes faction for the game (see “Simian Army Swings Into Action”).