FYE is building a line of exclusive cereal, candy, and energy drinks, one part of its last-ditch strategy to rotate away from its core packaged media business to collectibles and other growth areas (see "Trans World Posts Q1 Loss of $7.8 Million").

This week, Konami announced that it has licensed a line of exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh!-branded cereal and chocolate bars for fye, which will be sold alongside exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! apparel.

The Konami announcement follows a similar announcement from Topps last month, in which it revealed that it had licensed an exclusive line of cereal, chocolate bars, and energy drinks for fye.  The collection extends to apparel and collectibles.

Other fye cereal exclusives include FunkO's tied to a variety of licenses, Bob Ross, Breaking Bad (marked down), and Marvel (marked down).