DC Comics has announced the September release of four Dollar Comics, reprints of classic issues designed to lure in new readers with $1 cover price.  The first of DC’s September Dollar Books is a reprint of Detective Comics #854, the first chapter in Batwoman’s epic clash with the Religion of Crime, which is due on September 4.  One week later comes a reprint of Batman #608, the first chapter in the classic “Hush” storyline, followed in weekly intervals by Harley Quinn #1, a reprint of her debut New 52 issue, and Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, a reprinting of the first issue of Marv Wolfman’s 1980's Crisis crossover.

With its Dollar Books, DC is following the leads of other publishers, who have found promotionally-priced sampling productive. Image, with the longest-running program, has done over 100 $1 first issues in its Image Firsts program, and is currently reprinting Paper Girls #1, Monstress #1, and I Hate Fairyland #1 for July, in time for San Diego Comic-Con.  Marvel's True Believers program began in 2015 (see “$1 Marvels”); their current $1 program is the July-shipping True Believers: Absolute Carnage series of $1 dollar-priced reprints of ten key issues featuring Cletus Kasady, the first and best known of the Carnage symbiotes (see “Preview: True Believers: Absolute Carnage Cover”).

DC's Dollar Books reprints feature a new trade dress over the classic cover images. 

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