Marvel is releasing ten introductory comics, each selling for only $1, in April.  Branded "True Believers,' the issues are the first chapters of some of Marvel’s most popular recent story arcs.  And there’s a connection to Secret Wars, Marvel’s massive summer editorial event; Marvel suggests that readers "...catch up on some of the most celebrated stories in Marvel history before their appearance in the biggest comic event of 2015."  The rest of the stories are in Marvel collections.

The Marvel universe titles in the True Believers program are:

  • True Believers:  Infinity Gauntlet #1
  • True Believers:  Marvel Zombies #1
  • True Believers:  Age of Apocalypse #1
  • True Believers:  Civil War #1
  • True Believers:  Planet Hulk #1
  • True Believers:  House of M #1
  • True Believers:  Old Man Logan #1
  • True Believers:  Armor Wars #1
  • True Believers:  Miles Morales #1
  • True Believers:  Age of Ultron #1

The Secret Wars event kicks off in May (see "Marvel Unveils 'Secret Wars' #1 Cover"), and in June, Marvel takes another trip back into its classics with a slipcase set of the first Secret Wars books (see "Giant 'Secret Wars' Slipcase Set").

Marvel is also releasing a $1 edition of Powers, Powers Firsts #1, which will hopefully introduce viewers of the new series on PlayStation (see "First Look at 'Powers' Retro Girl") to the comics.