Mondo Games and Restoration Games have announced that the next Unmatched set will feature the Jurassic Park license. Unmatched is a line of tactical combat games based on the mechanics of Star Wars: Epic Duels (see "Restoration Games Unveils 'Unmatched' Game Line at GTS").

The sets will pit heroes versus iconic dinosaurs from the 1993 film in a duel for survival. New character deck mechanics have been tailored to mimic those of their on-screen counterparts in battle, and unique maps on the game boards will let players to use specific terrain to mirror scenes from the film.

Unmatched: InGen vs. Raptors will be the first of the two-player Jurassic Park sets headed to market. It is scheduled for release in late 2019. A second set, Sattler vs. T rex, and a Dr. Grant solo expansion is slated for 2020.