Rio Grande Games revealed that Puerto Rico Deluxe Edition will be headed to retailers for an August 20 release date. Rio Grande recently released Puerto Rico Expansions 1 & 2 in April (see "Rio Grande Revives 'Puerto Rico' Expansions").                  

Puerto Rico: Deluxe Edition  will be the first new edition of this game since 2011. It will have new art and graphics which is a major step forward for a game that has remained relatively unchanged since it was originally released in 2002. Puerto Rico: Deluxe Edition will come with the base game, the New Buildings expansion, the Nobles expansion, and dual-sided building tiles with alternate art.

Unlike the 2011 Limited Anniversary Edition, Puerto Rico: Deluxe Edition will be a print-to-demand product and come at a lower price point (see "'Puerto Rico: Anniversary Edition'").

“The new version contains many of the same elements as the Anniversary Edition, but at a lower cost," said Jay Tummelson, co-owner of Rio Grande Games, "We are very excited to be able to bring this new edition to our customers.”

Puerto Rico: Deluxe Edition will retail for $54.95.