Valiant Entertainment will launch a new Rai comic series written by Dan Abnett with art by Juan Jose Ryp on November 20, the company announced.  The science fiction series takes place in the 41st century, when the cyborg samurai Rai goes on a quest to save the future in a journey that introduces new worlds and new characters.  The first issue features colors by Andrew Dalhouse, letters by Dave Sharpe, and covers by Ryp, Adam Pollina, and Jose Landronn.

Abnett, who wrote the five-issue miniseries Fallen World set in the same far-future part of the Valiant universe (see "Valiant Will ‘Breakthrough’ with Spring Slate"), said of the series, "It’s got a blend of action, sci-fi, a little horror and a lot of character.  I think it’s a very distinctive book that has its own special feel."

Click Gallery below for full-size pages from each of the first five issues!