DC will release Watchmen Companion, collecting long-out-of-print and rarely seen material based on the comic book series, this December.

The Watchmen Companion collects pages from Who’s Who in The DC Universe, featuring the Watchmen and the Minutemen characters; and reprints The Question #17, guest-starring Rorschach, and a page from the promotional DC Spotlight #1 from 1985 that marks the first appearance of the Watchmen in print.

The Watchmen Companion also includes the Watchmen Sourcebook, along with the Watchmen: Watching the Watchmen and Watchmen: Taking out the Trash game modules, from the DC Heroes Role Playing Game. The RPG material was sanctioned by Alan Moore and includes illustrations by Dave Gibbons, expanding on the lore and world of the Watchmen series.

The 272-page collection will release on December 18 with an MSRP of $39.99.

HBO recently released the trailer for Watchmen (see “Full-Length ‘Watchmen’ Trailer”) and Knight Models previewed new Watchmen miniatures for their line of games at Gen Con (see “Preview: Knight Models’ New ‘DC Minis’ Including ‘Watchmen’, ‘Doom Patrol’”).