Fantasy Flight Games unveiled two new Star Wars: Legion Commander Expansions, Count Dooku and Clone Captain Rex, for a projected Q4 release.

Count Dooku Commander Expansion. Count Dooku, a Sith Lord and a leader of the Separatist Alliance, wields a lightsaber and the power of the dark side to take down Republic commandos on the battelfield. This Commander Expansion comes with one unpainted, finely-detailed Count Dooku miniature, four upgrade cards, and three command cards. It will retail for $12.95.

Clone Captain Rex Commander Expansion. Clone Captain Rex, who is ultimately loyal to the Republic and the Jedi Generals, sports twin blaster pistols on the battlefield as he leads his fellow clones to victory over the Separatist Alliance. This Commander Expansion features one unpainted, finely-detailed Clone Captain Rex miniature, five upgrade cards, and three command cards. MSRP is $12.95.

Fantasy Flight Games recently released information on two new tank expansions for Star Wars: Legion (see "Fantasy Flight Reveals New Tank Expansions for 'Star Wars: Legion'").

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