Famed editor and writer Jim Shooter will serve as story editor on the new ongoing Image Comics series Slow City Blues, written by Samuel Haine, penciled by Shawn Moll, inked and edited by John Livesay, with color by JD Smith, and letters by Thomas Mauer.

Series editor and inker Livesay, who was the inker on Shooter’s last go-round with The Legion of Super-Heroes for DC, brought him to the series, which he will help develop with Haine.

"I contributed not much, but yelled at Sam [Haine] a lot, and he thanked me, which speaks well of him or poorly of me. Honor this work. It deserves your attention,” said Shooter.

Shooter first became known in the comic world for his work on the 60s version of The Legion of Super Heroes, and then for a long and controversial run at Marvel from 1976-87, starting as a writer and editor and ending as Editor-in-Chief of the entire line. He started and headed Valiant and then Defiant, and finally Broadway Comics. More recently he oversaw a revival of the Gold Key characters for Dark Horse (see “Dark Horse Gets Gold Key Heroes”).

In Slow City Blues, after accidentally killing a little girl in the line of duty, Detective John Loris retreats into his mind, getting trapped deep inside his own imagination. After trying to take his own life, John instead ends up in Slow City, a construct of his mind’s eye, a place where anything and everything is possible, except a way out. Turns out, even deep in his imagination, there’s need for a detective. John and his new Slow City partner, a six foot six, smart-ass skunk, must investigate and solve a double homicide and bring the killer to justice before a gang war between the Gorillas of the Devil's Backbone and the Dragons of the Midnight Syndicate destroy Slow City.

The first issue will street on February 19, 2020.