Twogether Studios has begun releasing information on its upcoming The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance board game, which is tied to the red-hot The Adventure Zone podcast, in which the McElroy family (three brothers and their father) play Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs. 

The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance is slated to be a cooperative storytelling card game that has reclaimers-in-training matching wits with gerblins and out-foxing villains at exotic locations. The game will be designed to be easy to grasp, so anyone who enjoys the show can play. As a cooperative game, either all players will succeed in reclaiming a relic or collectively fail at the task. 

Twogether Studios will be conducting public playtest events over the next few months. There will be one in Chicago on October 6, and multiple playtests at G.A.M.E. Expo in Springfield, Missouri on October 11 to 13.

This game is expected sometime in 2020.

The Adventure Zone was one of the hottest selling graphic novels in  the book channel in the months of July and August (see "July 2019 NPD BookScan - Top 20 Superhero, Manga, Author Graphic Novels" and also, "August 2019 NPD BookScan - Top 20 Superhero, Manga, Author Graphic Novels").