Twilight Creations Inc. will release Zombies!!! Vegas, a standalone board game, alongside a Bag O'Zombies!!! Vegas and Zombies!!! Poker Deck to trade in early Q1 of 2020.

In Zombies!!! Vegas, players have battled their way across the desert to arrive in Sin City only to find that the zombies here are much worse. The players are now surrounded by Elvis impersonator zombies, magician zombies, and even zombie showgirls! This edition of Zombies!!! also features mini-games in casinos such as poker games.

To complement the new set of Zombies!!!, Twilight Creations is offering a Bag O'Zombies!!! Vegas featuring 100 Vegas-themed zombie figures. Also, they will be releasing a Zombies!!! Poker Deck with art by Dave Aikins to use with the mini-games. Bag O'Zombies!!! Vegas  will retail for $12.99 and the Zombies!!! Poker Deck retails for $7.99.

Twilight Creations Inc. introduced Trampoline Zombies!!! last year (see "Rebuild the Undead in 'Trampoline Zombies!!!'").