Asmodee USA Distribution will release two new standalone scenarios, Experience and Hadal Project, as part of the T.I.M.E. Stories Revolution product line by Space Cowboys in Q1. The T.I.M.E. Stories Revolution line is a series narrative board games where players delve into the adventures of a temporal agents trying to fix the time stream.  

In T.I.M.E. Stories: Experience, players embark on a mission to save humanity itself from a threat to the time-space continuum. During this scenario, players discover what takes place in-between missions, and will be allowed to create their own stories for downtime between scenarios. The box comes with a rulebook, a Threat Wheel, 4 Agent boards, 48 Skill cards, 29 Threat cards, 10 Demand cards, and 9 Chronology cards. It is for four players, ages 12 and up, and will retail for $24.95.

The T.I.M.E. Stories: Hadal Project scenario a deadly virus is killing of the world's population, and a science base in an oceanic abyss has made a discovery that may alter the future of humanity. Players must conduct an investigation and discover the secrets of the Hadal Project. The game box comes with a rulebook, a token punchboard, 32 Azrak crystals, 110 Story cards, 60 Common cards, and 59 Personal Cards. This scenario is for one to four players, ages 12 and up, and will retail for $34.99.

T.I.M.E. Stories: Experience and T.I.M.E. Stories: Hadal Project will be available in Q1 of 2020.