Shopper preferences may be shifting away from Amazon, according to a new survey from First Insight, which ran surveys in December 2017, September 2018, and September 2019, as reported by CNBC.  The broadest result was on the question of where survey respondents preferred to shop, which showed a significant shift, with the percentage of people preferring to shop at Amazon vs. Walmart dropping to 45% from 53% in the previous year.  Meanwhile, 55% of respondents said they prefer to shop at Walmart vs. Amazon, up from 47% in the previous year.

The percentage of survey respondents reporting that they were Amazon Prime members also dropped, to 52% in 2019 from 59% in 2018.

There’s no indication from these limited results what impact the changes in Amazon preferences will have on competitive retailers other than Walmart, but it’s a sign that at the very least, Amazon’s dominance over other retailers is not inevitable.