Marvel Comics will launch Outlawed in March, kicking off one of 2020’s biggest events.  Outlawed is written by Eve L. Ewing (Ironheart), with art by Kim Jacinto (Champions), and cover by Pepe Larraz (House of X).

Outlawed follows the events of a devastating tragedy that finds several of Marvel’s youngest heroes in the center of the aftermath.  The lives of heroes from Miles Morales to Ms. Marvel are thrown into chaos as the government begins to crack down on young vigilantes.

Outlawed introduces a new status quo that will affect every active hero under 21, and even a few who are older.

"To me, this story isn’t just about young people being in conflict with the government," writer Ewing said, "but much bigger questions about what we ask of young people, how they’re expected to be independent sometimes and subservient other times."

Outlawed follows December’s Incoming! in setting the stage for 2020 in the Marvel Universe (see "In-Store Launch Parties for ‘Incoming!’ #1").

Click Gallery below for preview pages from Outlawed!