Ultra PRO announced new Figurines of Adorable Power, vinyl figure product line for Dungeons & Dragons, to release in April 2020.

There will be four new Figurines of Adorable Power in this wave of figures. The collection will feature the following fierce monsters in one of the cutest forms imaginable: Mimic, Flumph, Gazer, and Giff. These figures make great gifts for tabletop friends or simply can be collected as a geeky gift to oneself.  Each vinyl figure stand 3.75" tall, and comes in a full-color window display box.

Figurines of Adorable Power will come in 12-count cases, and retail for $12.99 each.

Ultra PRO also announced new Magic: The Gathering accessories for Theros Beyond Death (see "Ultra PRO Announces New 'Magic: The Gathering' TCG Accessories").

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