Ultra PRO announced Celestial Lands TCG accessories, featuring the basic land art from Theros Beyond Death, to release in the first half of 2020.

The new releases will feature the following TCG products:

Celestial Land Deck Protector Sleeves. Each deck protector pack will come with 100 sleeves featuring one of five different offerings of Celestial Land art: Plains, Island, Forest, Mountain, and Swamp. The art is printed on the back of the sleeve with a non-glossy matte finish, and the front of the sleeve is clear. These sleeves are sized to fit most TCG cards, will retail for $10.99 per pack, and will release in March 2020.

Celestial Land PRO 100+ Deck Boxes. Mirroring the art on the sleeves, Ultra PRO will release five deck boxes, one for each Celestial Land. The deck boxes will hold up to 100 standard-size TCG cards, are made with archival-safe, non-PVC rigid polypropylene material, and come with a bonus divider. Each box will retail for $4.99, and they will hit stores in March 2020.  

Celestial Land Deck Dividers. A pack of 15 deck dividers will also have the Celestial Land artwork, and will retail for $5.99. The Deck Dividers will be released into trade in March 2020.     

Celestial Lands Life Pads. These Life Pads, featuring the Celestial Land artwork, will come with custom-printed pages to help tally life totals during Magic: The Gathering matches. They will have 60 pages, an elastic band for securing the pad closed, and will retail for $3.99. These life pads will arrive in stores in May 2020.

Celestial Lands Playmats. Ultra PRO will release playmats with the Celestial Land art printed onto their soft, fabric front. They will be 24" by 13.5", have a non-slip rubber backing, retail for $21.99, and hit trade distribution in March 2020.

Ultra PRO recently revealed Fine Art Playmats: Series 3 for February 2020 (see "Ultra PRO Unveils 'Fine Art Playmats: Series 3'").  

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