Wizards of the Coast released the schedule for the next round of WPN Qualifiers (WPNQ) for the Players Tour Series 3. WotC added Pioneer and Sealed Deck as formats for its Series 2 round of events scheduled to fire in Q1 (see "WotC Adds Pioneer, Sealed Deck to Next Wave of 'Magic: The Gathering' WPN Qualifiers").

The next wave of events is can be scheduled during the following time frames for the format listed:

April 4, 2020–April 26, 2020: Pioneer, Sealed Deck

May 2, 2020–June 6, 2020: Sealed Deck, Standard

June 13, 2020–July 5, 2020: Modern, Pioneer, Sealed Deck, Standard

July 11, 2020–July 26, 2020: Standard, Sealed Deck

It is important for both WPN retailers and non-WPN retailers to note the types of events scheduled for the WNPQs as local players interested in attending these will likely be practicing for them during these time frames. Q2 into Q3 offers Sealed Deck events in all four time frames, but Pioneer and Standard formats are also prominently featured during this period. WotC is trying to "keep the momentum going" for their new Pioneer format, and at the same time, try to breathe new life into Standard after the cornucopia of 2019 bannings marred their primary OP format.

Also, it is worth noting that the Modern format WPNQs can only be scheduled between June 13 to July 5.