The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) unveiled the new logo for Origins Game Fair. It is a part of the new visual identity that will be in full-swing for the 2020 show in Columbus, Ohio on June 17 to 21.

The new logo was designed by Matt Paquette Co. of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and is part of an overall move to refurbish and renew the GAMA show brand. Recently, they have also changed the name of GAMA Trade Show to GAMA Expo, and unveiled a new logo for association itself.  

“Origins’ core drive is to be a tabletop event where gaming is the primary focus. To reinforce this visually, we have incorporated a D20 rolling throughout the logo, following an attendee’s gaming experience at the convention,” said Danni Loe, Communication Manager for GAMA.

Badge registration for Origins Game Fair 2020 is currently open, and GAMA members are eligible to receive a complimentary badge.

GAMA also announced that Jeff Pinsker of Amigo Games has filled the Director-At-Large vacancy on the GAMA Board (see "Amigo's Jeff Pinsker Joins the GAMA Board").