BOOM! Studios announced Faithless II, the sequel to the erotic series Faithless, which will launch in April. Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Maria Llovet’s Faithless was a “huge hit” for BOOM! Studios last year, according to CEO Ross Richie (see “ICv2 Interview: BOOM! Studios CEO Ross Richie and President Filip Sablik, Part 2”)

In the first series, the lead character Faith is searching for a mystical experience, and she finds it in a heady mix of sex and magic. In Faithless II, Faith, her lover Louis (who is literally the Devil), and his daughter Poppy are in the city of Turin which is famous for fashion, the arts, and black magic.

Llovet will do the main cover art for the series, and artist Tula Lotay will create a series of erotic variant covers that are so explicit that they could not be previewed; comics with these covers will be polybagged. Each variant cover will be limited to the initial print run of the comic and the covers will not be reprinted or collected.

Azzarello is the writer of DC’s Black Label comic Batman: Damned and many other well known DC series. Llovet is a Barcelona-based artist whose previous graphic novels include Heartbeat, There’s Nothing There, and Loud.