Dynamite Entertainment will launch sacredsix this May, expanding the Christopher Priest take on the Vampirella universe by Christopher Priest.

Ashthorne, Georgia, is an impoverished farming town known as “Vampire Alley,” home mostly to vampires and other ghouls. The neighboring town of Sacred is a community whose purpose is to oppress and destroy the Ashthorne residents. Led by Lilith of Drakulon, Victory, Pantha, Nyx, Chastity (from Chaos!) and a surprise sixth member will go undercover in Sacred as students and fight injustice as The Six.  Vampirella will also appear in the tale of two cities that examines how good and evil can be found all around, often coexisting.

The ongoing sacredsix series will be written by Priest, with art by Gabriel Ibarra.  Artist Jae Lee will provide interior pages for the first five issues that are interwoven with the main storyline explaining Pantha’s newly revamped origin story.  Variant covers will be available featuring art by Lee, Lucio Parrillo, Meghan Hetrick, Rod Reis, José Ladrönn, Joseph Michael Linser, and Mark Texeira.

Dynamite will also be releasing a line of collections gathering Priest’s original Vampirella run.  Seduction of the Innocent will be the debut volume collecting the first six issues as well as the the Free Comic Book Day 2019 #0 that started Vampirella’s 50th anniversary.  The 160-page trade paperback will launch in April.

Priest’s Vampirella debuted in July 2019 to record sales for Dynamite Entertainment (see Dynamite Printing 130,000 Copies ‘Vampirella’ #1”).

Click on Gallery below to see full-size images of the covers and interior artwork.