Gamegenic, one of the studios that is a part of Asmodee Group, announced the release of its Essential Line of TCG accessories for March 11 through March 13.

Last year, Gamegenic released accessories tailored for KeyForge (see "Gamegenic Announces 'KeyForge' Accessories"), and this year, they are following it up with a whole line of products optimized for games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Final Fantasy TCG, and more.

 “With our Essential product line we are providing well thought out gaming supplies that feature unique innovations in every product, ranging from the casual to the premium sector,” stated Adrian Alonso, Gamegenic's CEO.

The entire line has unique features. For example, their premium deck boxes have the Convertible system which lets players remove the flaps, and attach them to the bottom or back side which saves space at the gaming table. The flaps are also interchangeable between products which allows for color customization.