Upper Deck Entertainment will release Heralds and The Frightful expansion sets for the Marvel VS System 2PCG.

Releasing in June, Heralds focuses on those that were gifted the Power Cosmic by Galactus to be his faithful minions. Silver Surfer, Nova, and Firelord each served Galactus in his quest to find new worlds to devour.  The expansion is the second issue of the First Family story arc started in May 2020.

Coming in July, The Frightful is the final issue in the First Family arc and brings several of the Fantastic Four’s foes to the game.  The terrifying Galactus joins his heralds on the quest for domination. Kang the Conqueror, the Fantastic Four’s time-traveling nemesis, joins the fight against Marvel’s First Family as well.

Both expansions will come with 55 new cards and rulesheet. Marvel VS System 2PCG is for 2 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 30 minutes.  The expansions will retail for $14.99 upon release.

The First Family story arc follows the Spider-Man centric The Verse expansions from earlier this year (see "Swing Into ‘The Verse’ Expansions For ‘Marvel VS System 2PCG’").